Why Are Auto Details Important?

Updated: May 1, 2020

Your Car is one of the places you spend a considerable amount of time daily and it needs a regular car wash to remain neat and clean. If you are in San Diego, Mira Mesa, Miramar, and Sorrento Valley areas, the best place for a thorough auto detail is Miramar Car Wash and Auto Detailing where your car will be pampered to give the best possible look and feel. By entrusting your car to the San Diego Auto Detail service you are doing a lot of good to your car and make it look great without scratches and stains.

What is Car Detailing?

Getting your car detailed means that it is being cleaned thoroughly top to bottom with the use of special tools and specialized cleaning products. After your car gets detailed your car smells and feels great as it is normal for the detailer to perform some basic cosmetic touch-up to the interior as well as to the exteriors of your car. But it won’t receive elaborate paint works or extensive body repairs during the car detailing.

What are the benefits of getting your car detailed?

There are many benefits of getting your car detailed regularly during car wash and some of the most important among them include:

1. Clean Smell

With constant use, your car gets stained with a lot of dirt and debris. This goes on accumulating and they begin emitting bad rotten smell inside the car. When your car begins to emit bad odors and it is not giving a pleasant smell while inside. You may have to take your next trip to Miramar Car Wash & Auto Detailing near Mira Mesa, Sorrento Valley, and San Diego Neighborhoods.

Once you take your car in for an Auto detail company (Miramar Car Wash & Auto Detailing) you will find that they do a perfect job in cleaning both interior and exterior of your car to completely remove the dust, debris, and the microorganisms that thrive on the dusty surfaces of your car. They do a thorough cleaning of the entire interiors through their deep cleaning and wipe out scents and foul-smelling particles caught in your flooring, AC Vents and the surfaces of the seats and other areas of your car.

Due to this after the car wash with detailing your car can smell fresh and clean. They also apply mild scent to the interiors of the car and this is sure to give the pleasant smell when you open your doors and enter into it.

2. Reduced Damage to the surface of the car

When you continue to use your car it is normal for many types of damages and disfigurements to the used surfaces of your car. You will have the ugly marks of spilled drinks, deep deposits of dust and dirt and when these combine with moisture and dampness, there is dangerous growth of mold and other microbes that affects the health of you and your family.

By getting your car detailed during every car wash you will be able to retain the best possible looks and very clean car that is completely free from all types of dust and debris. This helps your car remain looking more current and neat for longer periods irrespective of its age.

3. Cleaning the Deep and Small Areas of the Car

Normally you cannot clean the deeper and small areas of your car regularly. The areas like places under your seats, or the areas that are hard to reach while doing ordinary routine cleaning can be cleaned and wiped clean only when your car gets detailed. While performing the detailing your car wash company will take care and use special cleaning products to clean even the hardest to reach areas so that no dust or debris remains in the car.

4. Removing surface blemishes and stains

It is one of the most important benefits of the modern-day car detailing and when you get your car detailed at Miramar Car Wash & Auto Detailing(Serving San Diego, Mira Mesa, and Sorrento Valley areas) we will take special care of the ugly stain marks and blemishes on the surface of your car. With the use of a delicate and thorough cleaning process, the stains and ugly looking scratches and paint-less spots are treated in such a way that they are removed completely from the surface of your car so that the inside of the cars look neat and clean as they were looking the day you got your car from your dealer.

How often you have to leave your car for detailing?

It is recommended by experts in the car maintenance industry that it is normal for your car to get detailed at least two to three times a year. But if you are in the habit of regularly cleaning your car by yourself it may not need to be detailed frequently. However, it will be a good practice to get the car detailed through a reputed San Diego Auto Detail company like Miramar Car Wash and Auto Detailing. You must know that your car will look and feel great when you leave it to get detailed often.

What are the basic things done when you get your car detailed?

A Car detailing process involves a thorough cleaning of the interior and exterior of the car and this will be done in such a way as to give your car the original look. The car detailing is done in such a way as to restore the finish of the car surface to its original level with minor paint and glossy finish works. Apart from this other works like chrome trimming, cleaning and wiping of windows, wheels and the tires will also be done so that your entire car gets a completely new and fresh look.

What will be the duration of your car detailing?

When you are taking your car to a car wash for auto detailing the duration for the completion of the process depends on many factors like the condition of the car, the extent of cleaning needed, and the type of detailing you to want to give to your car.

The detailing process will take anywhere from just thirty minutes to a whole day to give the best possible cleaning and look to your car.

Whether to go for a car wash or car detailing?

Though most of the time both these services are available at your local car wash center, the process adopted for both is different. The car wash involves only vacuuming the interiors to remove the interior dust and washing your car with water spray and application of mild detergent to clean exterior stains and debris.

But the auto detailing process involves a deeper cleaning and use of specialized cleaning agents and surface restoration chemicals to give you a very thorough and top to bottom cleaning of your car.

So, to maintain the freshness of your car, and clear it from the deposited dust and debris and make it look fresh and clean just like as it was on the day when you brought it to your home get it detailed at least twice in a year. Car detailing is the most important thing that will help you maintain the interiors and exteriors of your car so that you can enjoy the fresh and fragrance of your car for many years to come.

For all the cars in the San Diego, Mira Mesa, and Sorrento Valley region, the Miramar Car Wash and Auto Detailing is the best place for your car wash and auto detailing. So, entrust the work of restoring your car to this San Diego Auto Detail company for a gleaming and shining car.


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